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Duo André Leo

SANCTUAIRE SAUVAGE - Collectif Rafale ©Milan SzypuraHaytham Pictures

Sanctuaire Sauvage

Collectif Rafale

Neptumium Ratons

Des hommes qui portent...

FACE A : Block Party

Des hommes qui portent...

Encore heureux !

La Scie du Bourgeon


La Scie du Bourgeon

HYPERLAXE Te Koop ©Alice Khol


Compagnie Te Koop


Hay Que

Hay Que

Can people be part of a « new » circus collective and at the same time know each other intimately ?

Yes, of course ! This is the impressive feat that Foucauld Falguerolles, Vanina and Natalia Fandiño have managed to pull off together.

Résonance is their first piece as a trio. However, they have been working, creating and researching together for many years. The members of this young collective with a long history have built and rebuilt their physical and artistic complicity through a wide variety of group projects and circus duos.

Born and raised in Argentina (Vanina and Natalia) and France (Foucauld), these three met in Brussels, where they founded a family – both in the artistic and literal sense – almost 15 years ago.

They’ve mesmerised audiences all around the globe within the Welsh collective NoFit State but also their own internationally acclaimed, award-winning duos that have allowed them to expand their artistic language and sharpen the group’s synergy.

A strong artistic alchemy thus emerged between trapezist Natalia, tightrope walker Vanina and « machinist » Foucauld.

Their impressive off-road trip also includes a stint within the collective Feria Musica as well as numerous solo creations in which they respectively provide feedback to each other.

The conception of Résonance, whose name evokes the trio’s impressive complicity, can be seen as a natural evolution of this intense relationship. The project, their first creation as a collective, is carried by a spontaneous alertness to each other’s physical, moral and intellectual needs, refined through their years and journeys together.

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