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125 BPM

Duo André Leo

SANCTUAIRE SAUVAGE - Collectif Rafale ©Milan SzypuraHaytham Pictures

Sanctuaire Sauvage

Collectif Rafale

Neptumium Ratons

Des hommes qui portent...

FACE A : Block Party

Des hommes qui portent...

Encore heureux !

La Scie du Bourgeon


La Scie du Bourgeon

HYPERLAXE Te Koop ©Alice Khol


Compagnie Te Koop


Hay Que

Des hommes qui portent et des femmes qui tiennent

A young franco-belgian company founded in 2016, Des hommes qui portent et des femmes qui tiennent works towards a mixity of the arts and the breaking down of the barriers that separate them. Their goal is to open up their art and culture in general to the largest possible audience and to promote social cohesion. In order to do so, in each one of their pieces, the artists offer a statement & a concept that pushes the spectators to think outside the box, together. The company is deeply rooted in urban & hip hop culture.

Their first show, FACE A : Block Party [a 2017 creation] – a 20′ short form duo piece destined for the street, currently on tour – allowed the artists to develop a certain hybridization of the movement & lay down the foundations of a group reflection focused on identity.

Neptumium Ratons, the collective’s second creation, is a natural extension of this quest for corporal identity.

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